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I’m not looking for a word,

I’m not searching for a rhyme,

I’m not hoping to succeed ,

Make millions out of passages.

I’m looking for bits of you,

For a hope in nothings ,

For a wish no one reads,

For a question with a yes,

For a life with happiness.

I’m looking for Neverland,

Home for the misfits,

I heard its good out there,

Where nothing finds no one,

Where misery is unheard of,

And love …ohhh love wins

And past with its woes, 

Succumbs within now.

And you and I aren’t just words,

We aren’t just two sad love stories,

And there is no big life lesson…

Except well We were always meant to be.


The part of me,

A soft fragile tissue,

A flesh once entered,

Is dried, rugged and shrunken,

Wilting, unwavering to change,

Closing its edges anew,

Trying not to bleed,

Vowing to never fit,

Anyone’s but his.