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Parallel universe

Posted: January 23, 2017 in Missing you like crazy

There is this sad reality in time differences. That I sleep when you wake up. That I dream when you are living. That I cry when you’re snoozing. That I laughed when you didn’t hear me.

There is the unsigned agreement of yet being apart, of being equally unknown to each other as we aspire to exist in today that we are yet in each other’s yesterday. The regurgitations of our time zones is the expansion of you and I in tomorrow and yesterday and live still in our own today. 

Maybe this is the parallel universe we talked about…


When I don’t say much…

Posted: January 23, 2017 in Heartache

I should stop this yearning for more of you. I should stop trying to make us survive when this is just what we could become. This is just the beginning of your life and mine dwindles upon memories of just you and you. I should stop hoping and threading on tomorrow. Because you have engulfed the epicenter of my existence to one word, my exclusion from it is slowly but surely creeping in. 

Did you not sleep without me last night?

Did you not sleep without hearing my voice for days?

Was it not better to hurt me more than anyone else?

I will smell of you and there is the pungent aura that resembles a left over food.

I should stop believing I had a handle on this world….on love, that I could actually increase my participation in making home in it. Love if pursued hunger stricken, will leave you empty. So I will seek you, my true north in silence, in melancholy of truths I scribble here and there for nothing I have fought for ever stayed.

Not just a Ring

Posted: January 9, 2017 in Heartache
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A band on his finger,

A closure of a promise,

A sense of belonging,

A proof he left me,

A guard to never ask,

What I won’t ever be.

With words impeccable,

To mend a broken heart,

He called her by her name,

Long before he knew,

His own were carved in mine,

As I sat there mourning,

Digging my own graveyard.