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I’m drowning you with love,

I’m strangling you with gratitude,

Until your tongue bleeds my name,

Until your heart accepts its place,

My martyr heart clings to no one else.

Even when I let go of you,

Even then….

You still look for me with regret,

You still look at me with regret.


Saturday night 

Posted: June 5, 2017 in Heartache

No one … especially me wants to give up. 

I hear your voice and it digs my grave anew. 

I love you again and again and I want to pour me another glass of wine. Numb down the sheer loss of space in this universe for two people who utterly wanted nothing but the best for each other.

Another day. Another prayer. Another lustful disaster. Another song that reminds me of the last bite of burger we shared. And I cry it out. Curse your name for holding so much of me in one simple word you never dared to say . Love. 

I have a headache now and my thoughts are blurry but one thing is for sure. I will dream of you. And wake up with your name in my lungs, saving me once again.