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Fragments of love

Posted: June 17, 2018 in Heartache

I’m the excuse in their lips
The “but in their melancholy
Never the exception
Never the full stop…
Like the painter’s brush
I dance in symphony …
An idea too grand
To hold me in his heart
He straightens my edges
Hides my scars …
He Claims I’m “his girl”
The only best thing to be
When all I’m to him
Is ruffled garbage bag
A broken china
With a wilting beauty…
A heart once mighty
That needs to be fixed
If she is to be loved.
As if this is love.



Blow out your candles…

Posted: May 8, 2018 in Heartache

To my center,

I have never loved and never will love anyone with the ferocity I love you. You were my entire lifetime in one word, one planet , one existence. Every reason, every pain, every obstacle before you was all a blessing. You were how I knew I can honestly hunger and suffocate in love.

You are my deepest of pains and my only cure. I still long for you in ways only GOD can hear me. You are my instinct to exist as me, you hold so much of my being that without acknowledging your place I fall into unknown nothings. I always pray for you still, my tongue breathes your name unwaveringly as the only way to be. I have realized, wanting you to understand how much of me you held was my plea to save me when you left but I was a fool to think I ever needed you to love you.

I still know your smell like the meeting of rain to soil; I still wince tracing the delicate arch of your spine; I dissolve in your words into the simpleness I always sought to find ; I’m undone by you. You have smashed my heart open with a grenade of unrequited love that shines ever– broken unafraid of being unloved or worse of never finding home.

I have NOW reclaimed my position; that loving you was never about you. It was about learning who will forever break my heart but still hold it into one. You are both my center and my war. The single thread I clasp on when all tunes drown into chaos. I choose you in million lifetimes and in eons to come. For you are, unashamedly, forever my true north. I am forever grateful GOD gave me you. Happy returns of this day everyday🐼

Goodbyes are forever?

Posted: April 11, 2018 in Heartache
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A caption from you,

A glimpse of your existence,

A virtual reality of my missing link,

Just a drop in the universe of bits,

It takes me back to that last time,

Weakens all I had built so far.

Reminds me of how,

I loved.

I lived.

I fought.

For love.

For love leads me back to you.

And I’m sorry…

But I didn’t know it ended?!

I’m still hoping Like love in the time of cholera,

You will still look for me when you’re old and frail,

Just to feel before we die apart what it felt like to be infinitely understood.

I still imagine myself ,

Standing On your doorway,

Surprising you from  across the globe.

You’re afraid,

Than happy.

What will she think

You ask.

I crossed continents for you,

Just to try one more time,

If love still had value.

You say,

You have made a home,

Out of nowhere,

Ask me to stay for tea,

Say she would love to see me.

I see you’re beguiled,

About humans and homes, 

They never find each other,

They are never the True North,

Without a heart-

To keep them warm. 

You are the boy who made all the other boys nothings. You are the man that I silently look for approvals in empty streets full of people that don’t know me. You are my excuse for the weight gain bordering obesity. You are the ‘what if’ that I want to silence but even the days smell of you and colors blend to make your face in smokes of cigarettes. Your crooked veins are what I look for in a man for yours were the roots that anchored my raison d’être. It’s heartbreaking to know that I have to say the only man I love shall be triumphantly “over with” or “ let go” as if life after that begins when truly it ends. So memories is what I crave for hoping one day in another parallel universe you still smell like forever🐼

It is that time of the year now! You had left for a better life with a better future. I had hoped I would miss the date as if I was in a trans state but I guess my heart has its own tunes to remember the hurt, that left it irreversibly melt to nothing. I woke up in the middle of the night with a familiar palpitation as if I’m remembered elsewhere. I don’t know why it matters to people like me that are left alone by others to know that they mattered; that they induce palpitations in others too. But sadly it does. I still worry about your days and I won’t lie I envy the stake that you eat nowadays and wonder if you’ve turned vegetarian. I use your words to describe my appetite and people look at me bewildered by my vocabulary and I realize those were our words. But words cheat you for no one lives up to them. To have conquered them would have meant you would still be here. 

Decay in Time 

Posted: October 21, 2017 in Heartache

When I told him to leave the keys and never come back, I thought of you. And how it was possible to not be together, how it was easy to let go of my hands, how I told you to be better without me and you really are better without me. And how that makes me unworthy of staying for. You were right for leaving and never looking back. Maybe everybody else should too.