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You chased him away,
Is what they all say,
You loved him too much,
And he couldn’t stay.

You suffocated him,
You let him sink,
You loved him too much,
And he couldn’t breathe.

To her He was inadequate,
To what she saw was enough,
I gave him my all,
He couldn’t give me more.

They say you died when you met me,
I say we died when we couldn’t be,
What they never left us to be.

I am not ashamed,
For I love you as if its our last day,
I will hold you like you are made of clay,
I will drown you with all that I pray.

You are my raison d’ĂȘtre,
The shroud of my scars,
The resurrection of death,
I chose you before I met you,
My forever started yesterday.

She will have your forever,
The first light on your face,
The Sunday morning breakfast,
The last kiss of the day,
The newspaper with croissants,
The laughter of your kids,
The embrace of home,
The “what shall I bring for dinner”,
She will have eternity
For that’s where you chose to be.

And you will have me,
A cosmic purpose more grand
With you and I being less,
Somehow is being more,
I will believe in anything,
Than less of you alone.



Posted: May 26, 2016 in Heartache
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