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Only u…

Posted: December 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

You know the times you said you couldn’t sleep because something was going in your head…ya this is just about that moment. With no txt from you,there is no consolation to read but a boxer wz too much good memories undeserving this hollow time. Just thought you should know I would call you @this hour because I feel like only you can make this dull moment worth living!
Sometimes I think I complement you too much that you have forgotten how much I appreciate you…its like you think I say what I say bc I like u in bed;-)but 4real, whether or not you deserve this only GOD knows but you have made this girl feel like she is worth hill tops&so much more.You offered me last time anything from Dese&honestly speaking you dont even have to feel like you have to do that but the thought counts&i almost was going to cry because I miss someone caring for me unconditionally.&I wonder what you wld be like as a less busy person because even if I menechanech on ur “busy-ness” Im astonished @how u still get 2b totful!&if Lord had showed u a graph of how I miss u…       


Yesterday I slept dreaming of what we wld do when I come 2Addis&I played it over & over again…it tastes different always.I dreamt of a time when u get 2miss me like I do!You are z best thought of my day,everyday!!I miss zat lemon stinge of ur body,z sexy “kechacha” but huggy “sewnet”, z smile when you blush…And when u get all serious &zat eye of yours melts my every thinking…i hate ur eye!i miss your fingers zat I wanna take a bite off,i miss u betam,so next time
u think u miss me,remember I always ALWAYS miss u more!



Posted: December 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

I will never be that girl…the only girl!
The girl you deserve. The one who has better things to do than wait for you by the phone, the one who makes you beg for it before you get it, the one who actually stands you up for an hour just because she thought you had to learn to wait!
I will never understand your excuses even if they come from a place worth listening to for I have exceeded your needs before my own.
I will never be the girl that you miss when you are having fun with your buddies.
You won’t ever be that guy that cooks me breakfast in bed.
You will never hold my needs above your own for fear I might live less than I deserve.
You will never give me a foot rub without me begging for it.
You will never miss a day from work to take care of me in bed.
You will never look at me the way you looked at me the first day you told me you loved me.
You will never be the guy who held my hand in the cafe and promised to never let go of me.
You will never be the guy who cries my sorrows out and tries to make my days less cruel.
You have taken away all the reasons I loved living for including the warm heart I called my home.
I will never let go of your hand knowing its mine to hold forever.
Every phone call from you feels the last one and every smile from you reminds me of the times I used to make you happy.
I know it might not be today but tomorrow or next friday…you will say its over&that you have gotten over me. And it’s what I was fearing you would become.
And soon you will be in someone else’s arm. Maybe we will pass eachother on the street and you might stare with a look of nostalgia and you will break my heart but the worst of all pains is that I will never be your forever!