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Reality bites!

Posted: November 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

The day I have dreaded for long has finally come! I am going to be a GP(general practiotioner) at Mekane selam hospital. After many changes pertaining to destinations or even the primal questions over leaving it all to seek my happiest self…i am now in Dessie. Mekane selam is about 180kms from Dessie! Yeah that srems really like a “Addis to Nazreth” kind of journey but not when u travel in those automated donkeys called cacciamali! Do you guys remember when those things hit for the first time the “abata gorbata” of Ethiopian highlands? It was as if a new Boeing had landed! But who knew they would end up being “Anbessa siyarej…”! So I am gonna sail(travel seems a faster word somehow) with the “3rd class public transport”; which has 20km/hr written all over it!
I cant believe I am doing this but its about the degree. The degree I rightfully own but somehow the government is holding as a ransom to get my now tarnished brain power!
Those who know how much I hate the medical school sysytem have suggested that I was bitter and a traitor. Every since A.Lincoln made that speech about the “ask not what your country…” people have made it a Universal truth! Its one of those ‘sound cute,truthful& everlasting’ but in essence is just same old crap underneath. It’s like saying “I wana make love to you” instead of “i wana fu** you”! Abraham Lincoln was an American, the president of the land where anything is possible; the dreamland! So don’t tell me it applies to me too. Because I’m going to ask for better pay&more freedom!!! But we all know some questions are better left an un-asked…for they bring no answer except heartache!
‘chuheten atkemugne!’


I am waiting…

Posted: November 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

I remember the day we had our 1st ever night together. I was beyond excited, I was feeling everything that meant to be happy. You had to work late&i was supposed to wait for you at the hotel room I(!) booked us in. I’m astonished by my level of persecution for I’m known to be shy when it comes to renting a hotel room. But that day every part of me that ever felt shy about a guy and a girl in a hotel room had evaded me! I loved the waiting and then some more waiting. I am used to waiting for you because I think you are worth the wait. I didnt want to think what tonight would mean because somewhere in my book of morale codes that I seemed to have hidden under the rug being with you would be wrong. It would mean I’m the girl every part of me except my heart vowed to not become! And you know what they say “the heart has reasons, reasons does not know”.
Finally you came as I was sitting in an empty bath tub trying to calm my ever fleeting thoughts. I remember opening the door and looking at you was just worth the wait. Hugging you is so intimate, naked souls touching, hungry bodies giving in wondering where each has been lost for so long.
I’m frightened by how much you pull me in when im trying to stand out of range from your essence…every inch of my body wishes to be known by you. The scent of your body is an incense that lurks around my neck &hides inside my nostrils.
I remember watching “500 days of summer” with you…it was quiet a serene existence!! Showing you my favorite movie by itself is a moment I have pictured in my head so many times but to actually live every moment in better ways than I have ever imagined is unreal! I loved the way your fingers stroked my hair, my arms, my neck …! Your fingers moved with an intention but seemed so light& delicate.
This was what I have longed for so long; to feel wanted so effortlessly! Looking back I wish I could hold on to every second that moved faster than usual&never let go. But the sad reality of this world is that such moments are all what you can hold onto. The memory of it is what you can only hold on to! I wonder if you felt half of what I felt that day…I’m indeed forever scarred by what lives to be the best night of my life! And I’m still here waiting for you, craving for what seems so distant but real; waiting for you to tell me you are FINALLY here to STAY!


Posted: November 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

These days I can’t sleep at night. I have nightmares or they seem more like daydreaming. They always seem to involve some famous person doing an increidbly weird act. The other day I dreamt the late PM re enacting the “Hawzen” masaccare in a play that was prepared to commemorate the heroes. The other weird part was that he was crying in a very realistic down-on-his-knees way& he was even holding a cross! I dont even know what to make out of that. Dreams are supposed to mean something; I guess mine is just awfully far from being a dream.
But wouldnt it have been awesome if dreams were part of your homeostasis? If your dreams actually were part of your existence, like breathing&heartbeats…if to get what u want u literraly only needed to dream of it??
I guess this planet doesn’t like literal meanings or simple existence for that matter…
I’m gonna go ahead now…dream of somethings that I don’t thinkĀ  this planet is ever gonna serve…join me!