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Posted: November 27, 2015 in Heartache
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If ever you forget,

The tender lips that drown yours,

The hunger in eyes calling yours,

The need to kneel before yours,

The taste of my blood in yours,

The glory in a stride like yours,

The desire to only be yours,

If you ever forget that,

Truth has shattered to dust,

Earth sings of only lust.

Death is a welcomed forever,

Memory – the forgotten saviour.


Every bit of you is here,

The more I cling to you,

The farther you go,

I stopped holding you back,

When I couldn’t have more.

More of you is not for me,

All of you is not a given,

Part of you is for everyone,

What remains is my heart-

I listen to my heart,

For its blood that brews,

Has never been anyone’s

Has always been – YOURS.