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It’s Time…

Posted: April 24, 2014 in Heartache

It’s Time….


It’s Time…

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Dear You,
I wish I had words to take back yesterday and rewrite our history. I am paying my debt for all the wrongs I did for I can never have you by my side. I never imagined we would never make it through; for our love though tarnished by small fights and one big one…it always seemed unfathomable to not be You and me.

I miss the ease of your hugs and the comfort of your clenching fist in my hands. I miss how I feel small lying next to you but in truth I feel bigger with you.

I admit that we both need to grow up and realize that we are not going to happen now and God willing maybe in the future. I think we deserve a shot at a better future. If time is what would help us, I will do you a favor and let you go. And if our paths ever cross in the future, maybe we will hold on to eachother and we would never, ever, EVER let go… till the end of time.


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She was lost,
He was not,
Answers led to
She left,
Aloof he stayed
For another
To fill her space.


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Love was
A state of completion in the race to being content in life.

Love is
A series of painful odds unyielding to change,  succumbed to destiny.

What Love won’t ever be is DEFINED, EASY&FULL OF BUTTERFLIES.