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I still imagine myself ,

Standing On your doorway,

Surprising you from  across the globe.

You’re afraid,

Than happy.

What will she think

You ask.

I crossed continents for you,

Just to try one more time,

If love still had value.

You say,

You have made a home,

Out of nowhere,

Ask me to stay for tea,

Say she would love to see me.

I see you’re beguiled,

About humans and homes, 

They never find each other,

They are never the True North,

Without a heart-

To keep them warm. 


Now what?

Posted: July 20, 2017 in Heartache
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What’s missing ?

He wonders,


I lie,


No one,

Will ever


Be you!

If you ever felt like you were less understood by everyone but yourself, wait till you meet him. Wait till you meet that one human being that restores the faith you had lost as a culprit to a baggage of family drama no one told you to not bother with as you grew up. Wait till you see that smile that cripples every fear you had about people always leaving because he stays, even when he shouldn’t. Even when everyone tells him not to. He stays. Wait till you hold his hand and suddenly, EVERYTHING that led you to this exact moment was inevitable, infallible. Out of the millions and billions of people you could meet, he was not a product of some coincidence or fate. Somewhere in the bigger picture, GOD knew you needed him.

Remember the summer you had fun with your friends doing all sorts of adult things that becomes a legend for years to come? He is the unending summer, the winter, autumn and spring in all shades of colors. Wait till you smile like you haven’t smiled before; wait till you cry like it was the only right thing to do so, wait till your heart breaks when he takes a step away from you; wait till you love the pain; wait till you find him.

He is every reason you thought if life ever was ever going to be perfect, his name would be on every page of your life’s story. And you wait till you meet him for nothing is ever the same without him. You have missed him before you ever met him. You just know you must have done something right to have him. I tell you he is worth the sleepless nights, the cries on the cold floor; the risk of breaking your heart irreplaceably…. he is worth the wait.

Wait for him.

These conversations take time,

These people are others,

They are not you.

The lunch with a friend,

The coffee with a mate,

The laughter in a bar,

They are not you,

And you are far.

Though I hold you close,

Distance keeps us apart,

Roads… lakes… time,

These keep us apart,

I can’t change those,

But I can choose,

My home,

My niche,

My galaxy,

And you to be my true north.

Don’t tell me to go out more,

To befriend others,

To fill my thoughts,

These are all nuisances,

I don’t need distractions!

Leave me alone,

There…there is home.

In a room full of people,
I search for your face,
To take me to that place,
Only you and I know,
Where words aren’t spoken,
For your thoughts are in mine,
And my fears aren’t hidden.
I look up for my boat and yours
A Blank space – my heart sinks,
You are nowhere to be seen.
Take me to where you belong,
If you can not be here.

My lips trace your neck veins,
Warmth rushes to your lungs,
My body shivers in comfort,
My niche in your support.
A sun to my clouds,
It rains on your command,
I let go of my control,
I surrender to more.
I fight to lose,
I break to be made
I drown to be saved
I bleed to be cursed.
Deaf to your words,
I listen to your pulse,
Savour you to the drop,
As you gaze from the top,
I’m selfish to your needs,
I serve Only to please.
Never tired…NEVER TIRED
Time has stopped,
Let our hearts tik tok.