Posted: May 25, 2017 in Heartache
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When I let go of your hand, I never let go of your heart. It was slow on my part, hopeful. Hopeful that you might one day wake up and realize I was all you ever needed. So I waited and waited, slowly unclasping those fingers that never held me back. 

I never left and I never will. A part of me looks for you in between smiles and unmet dreams. I look for you in his words that tell me I’m beautiful and that he has never met anyone as free as me. Those words echo my insecurity where my sense of freedom is mistaken for easy. I worshipped you and vowed to not be anyone’s anything if I wasn’t going to be your someone. So I wait even now for a place, a word, a poem, a music, a profile picture that tells me I’m not alone. That your heart didn’t let go of me. I have your name tied as my price tag and that’s no way to live. I know that’s not me.

I let go of you slowly hoping you will look back…but you never did.And that’s the saddest part.💔

  1. Another reason why some people , as much as you wish 🌠 still manage to fall from grace in a not so graceful way… But your words bAe….xoxo

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