Parallel universe

Posted: January 23, 2017 in Missing you like crazy

There is this sad reality in time differences. That I sleep when you wake up. That I dream when you are living. That I cry when you’re snoozing. That I laughed when you didn’t hear me.

There is the unsigned agreement of yet being apart, of being equally unknown to each other as we aspire to exist in today that we are yet in each other’s yesterday. The regurgitations of our time zones is the expansion of you and I in tomorrow and yesterday and live still in our own today. 

Maybe this is the parallel universe we talked about…

  1. jasandnigel says:

    “superman, are you out there?”

  2. iupyoursex says:

    Man of steel – perched on a Gotham rooftop, death defyingly close to the very edge, reminiscing on a comment thread he might have read here – weeping!

  3. I want to be saved but it’s too damn far and The only simile of existence is here where no one ever knows the homes I built for him and it’s okay if he never seeks me …I just take solace in I live and loved him like no other 💔

  4. Is anyone worth breaking your heart? I doubt it but it is what it is…

  5. Hmmm what if superman comes back?

  6. Ohhh wouldn’t that be a bliss…

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