Us against the world

Posted: December 31, 2016 in Heartache

This is how I imagined us to be. You and I versus the world. You and I versus the social norm. You and I versus everyone else. 

This is how it is. I against the world. I only love to live you more while you decide to build the walls that kept us from becoming more with those same people that led us here. 

You are the defiance in my arrogance, the ‘no’ in my replies to succumbing to social suicide, the only exception to the rule that people always leave ….but you would stay right ?

But I sit here and think ….

How do you let them win? Were we not an exception to the cliche of norms ? Didn’t I love you enough for you to stay and fight? Do you hold her hand like you used to hold mine? Do your eyes shimmer in ecstasy like I used to know them ? Do you smile without me and still feel home? Do you not ache for a better world , for a better death that detaches you from either being you or nothing ! ? Hasn’t your heart stopped beating in realization that we are less than I ever believed forever to last ? How do you do it? 

You are the home I fought for even when I thought the future was bleak. You are the endless heartaches for a love unmet but I would do it all over again and maybe this time I will let you know to the core it’s me or nothing . 

But you’re smiling now ? Holding her hand , smelling her perfume , threading on her world like I never existed to look back…! How do you do that ..unlove me in the face of hopeless odds? I will always follow your beating heart that once sang John Mayer and believed in ‘I have to have to have you now’… There was something that closed before you ever let it open itself upto you…you decided we weren’t worth it and the world won didn’t it? Look at us now…I’m crying in my bed with a glass of Chardonay and you count down to the New Year with her hand in yours…? 

Me against the world.

  1. jasandnigel says:

    You & I …..

    Yeah let me ask you again
    … How do you do it? …

  2. How do I do it? I’m just a hopeless romantic…and I’m more mesmerized by how he does it 🤔

    • jasandnigel says:

      I was directing the question to her, I always wonder how she could look at me and take me just for another guy

      You, soul medicine …
      You and I
      We are the Alfred in legends of the fall

  3. OMG one of my favorite movies of all time…and I don’t know why we ain’t the ones who are chosen to stay with …forever …infinity

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