My One and Only

Posted: March 8, 2016 in Heartache, Missing you like crazy
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You are a national anthem,

The realms I can’t fathom,

The legends I hear-

Of kingdoms you ruled,

Of hearts you won,

Of homes you built,

That led to my hovel,

Trodden from the passers by,

That never learned to stay,

Fearful of those who remain,

Fighting off their unmarked scars,

Holding on to strong pillars,

Content within my shell,

Unwavering to everyone,


Except You

My prince charming on a boat,

My angel with superman’s cloak,

My Clyde to the rebel in me,

My reason when words fail me,

My fight so I never lose hope,

My trophy from heavens,

For the deeds weighed embellished,

If they take you away from me,

If you don’t fight to stay,

Let it be known,

I died that day.

  1. jasandnigel says:

    At first I thought this was not for me except for the plee to fight. After the empteenth time of reading and lots of look ups to the dictionary, I started seeing the passers by and the stellar against which all were measured.
    Now I feel it is one of your best pieces!

  2. kikoazalea says:

    This is good…sooo good :-0

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