It’s NOT lonely here!

Posted: January 1, 2016 in Heartache, Missing you like crazy
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These conversations take time,

These people are others,

They are not you.

The lunch with a friend,

The coffee with a mate,

The laughter in a bar,

They are not you,

And you are far.

Though I hold you close,

Distance keeps us apart,

Roads… lakes… time,

These keep us apart,

I can’t change those,

But I can choose,

My home,

My niche,

My galaxy,

And you to be my true north.

Don’t tell me to go out more,

To befriend others,

To fill my thoughts,

These are all nuisances,

I don’t need distractions!

Leave me alone,

There…there is home.

  1. jasandnigel says:

    For some reason reading it felt like I was in a car accident waiting for it to be over so I can check if I made it … I think I did

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