A second for goodbye

Posted: August 23, 2015 in Heartache
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While lying next to you,
Yearning for more,
I wonder….
We can have more,
This world is wrong,
Society falls short,
But we defy it all,
Now, Don’t look down on me,
I’m not yet broken,
My walls have just fallen,
You cant leave me barren!
Is your silence a façade?
Are your words lost in my heart?
Is it how it feels to be apart?
We left the sheets tousled,
But didn’t we like it like “that”
Wasn’t freedom the entropy of hearts?
Was i asking “too much”
Craving the agony in your touch.
You are leaving right?
It is not in my head,
I have seen this bed,
When it feels unmade,
After all the love we made,
I breath in to take you home,
But im cut out and
You are long gone.
Yell it out and say im wrong,
Pull me back if with you I belong,
No, dont do it!
Don’t look down at me like that!
I know you are leaving,
Dont make me hope otherwise.

  1. jasandnigel says:

    My head goes spinning every time I read it
    You are gonna right more,

  2. iupyoursex says:

    @jasandnigel … You’re right; I think she has to right more too. I thought this last piece was brilliant!!!!

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