Window Shopper

Posted: March 1, 2015 in Uncategorized
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What’s it in me that drives you all away!?
Is it the ease I make you breath as if you got a new pair of lungs or is it the way I exude confidence that crushes your ego!?

How can you laugh so hard but still remember that you have somewhere else to go?
Is my home not enough for you to rest your head and leave all your sorrows in the past?
How about my warm and safe embraces I generously offer? Are they not enough for the cold and shriveled heart of yours that hasn’t known anything but disappointment?
How about the flesh of my hips I let your hands slide,glide,grab,scratch? Are these not yours to conquer?

What’s it in me that you crave for but constantly fear?
Is it my heart that knows no boundaries for you? Is it my laughter that makes you doubt if you could be so charming? Do my eyes dig a hole in your chest that etch my name in your heart?
Are you afraid of the scars I leave when I go away that you dread intimacy? Don’t you realize I am here to stay!? Or don’t you want me to stay? Am I the small swimming pool that your heart trains in to love “the one”?

Would I embarrass you if you introduced me to your mom? Are my words too wild and my manners too rugged? Would I laugh too loud at the dinner table that your mom would give you the disappointing look? Am I so ‘out of your league’ that you unequivocally decide this is just temporary?

What in my book of sins led me to you? What was irreplaceably gone in me that you have to look away? What is not forgivable in the face of a woman with an open heart that loves you unconditionally? Or does my presumed availability clash with your hunter needs? Is it a disease or flaw of some cosmical level that I trail your existence?
Is it a weakness in your eyes that I need you? Are you too blind to know I am what you deserve; not what you are left with?

When is the doomsday for our nameless existence? Is tomorrow too late to tell you how I long for times of trivial fights instead of questioning what we are? Is there even a we? Is it in my head that I see a possibility of forever? Or is our forever just in the now?

Even if the grass got greener on my side, you still want the unknown!
And I will remain the faceless creature that stares in from out for a place in.

  1. jasandnigel says:

    Love interlaces even those that do not know each other. I feel like me from a parallel universe wrote this.

    • I am glad i can stir your thoughts…we all have felt something of this sort in one way or another and i had troubles writing it but even now it doesn’t feel like its done but that’s why i live writing…it never ends… i hope you can read more of my works and i hope i can read your too😊

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