What is in a bed?

Posted: October 9, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I hate this bed. I hate how wide it is as if someone could have been there. I don’t know how my bed could single handedly disrupt my sanity but it does; every morning!

I hate the way the sheets feel heavier than the blanket. Blue is my favorite color but not when it comes to this sheets. It is as if the life was sucked out of the serene beauty that the color depicted. Do these textile factories ever consider the hormonal implications of their color combinations? I doubt it. I wish I could describe the color patterns on these sheets but the headache is already nauseating.

And the pillow???😈 just pure evil. There is no consistency when it comes to the texture. I feel as though it works hard to make my  life more miserable. I wish this pillow could talk for I know it doesn’t listen. At least one of us would know why we don’t seem to get along.

I sleep on two mattresses which I bet is where the hostility arises. I wouldn’t have added a second one if the old one just stayed the same. But no, it had to change like every thing else. It had to develop patches of metals that I swear felt like were working extra hard to wake me up. So I being the sane, mattress-loving , woman that I am didn’t even throw it away for all the treasonous acts. I bought his friend and kept them on top of one another to make him feel appreciated for the world he had prepared me to every morning was not thankful it had me. But the new friend sided with his “kind” and I still wake up exhausted from adjusting my tiny back to fit to a one meter wide mattress.

My bed teaches me lessons that are bitter to swallow.
It won’t matter if I owned a California king size bed with silk cashmere sheets, if I can’t feel like home. Closing my eyes won’t make me sleep if my mind doesn’t stop ruminating over ifs and maybes. A bed is as good as the company that sleeps next to you. My blue sheets don’t seem as bad when I’m hearing a distant lullaby that calms my nerves like the vodka shots still wet on my tongue. Right then, for few minutes and few hours I find my niche and the world could turn upside down but all I know is I’m not alone.


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