Slowly dying…

Posted: July 10, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Constantly I go back in time and wish I could freeze,a moment in  my life when all felt complete. How is it that I let you go? How did I end up losing you? How do you not feel content when you have everything?
How do you be so absorbed in your emptiness to cause so much pain to so many people? I lost everything that made me believe I was something.
All the self help books I know say I have got to start being my own friend. I know that might be right but not when I can never see past my mistakes. I see myself in the mirror these days and I dispise me. Everything that led me to you, was everything that was true. I dont have a pedestal to look at life in all its possibilities.
I don’t think I can ever move past your innocence, I tarnished unless time moves back to when there was a we; and we had it all.



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