My First Cigarette

Posted: May 9, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Yesterday I ”smoked” a cigarette. My first cigarette. In my recent,endeavours to try mingle my way through adulthood and lost stupid teenage firsts, I stumbled upon cigarettes.

The Decision

I was sitting with a colleague of mine and we were talking about his Birthday and  what we should do when I suggested we smoke cigarettes as a rite of passage.

The Transaction
As I work in a very rural area unknown to google map, the idea of smoking cigars is shunned upon and the idea of a woman smoking is unheard of. So that was a challenge I wanted to experience. The first shop was the biggest in town. And I assumed they would sell cigars from abroad because I sure didn’t want my first to be a local one. He looked at me puzzled before he answered a very sharp ”no”.
In the second shop I was greeted by a friendly man who smiled to say they only owened ‘Nyala’, a local brand. And I stayed long enough in that shop with the guy explaining why it was hard to get ‘fancier’ brands that long after I left his shop I felt the burrowing eyes of an elderly customer that was also purchasing goods. I was sure I was going to be the talk of the town afterwards.
Finally as I was resorting to ‘Nyala’, my friend spotted a ‘Rothman’ which sounded better for my naive palate. I boldly asked for a pack of ‘Rothman’ & the girl handed me with no spikes of emotions or facial expressions a pack and I paid 40Birrs and left.

The Puff

I was surprised to find ”how to smoke cigarettes” on wiki. It is frightening to condone such an act but I was saved from choking because it was not easy to take a puff and not be irritated by the smudges of tar&nicotine. My friend took the first puff& he had a smile that said ”Crazy S***!!” I handled my cigar in the classic way( there are many types and you can google that too); and took a small breath in like it was a casual thing and I didnt choke! my friend stood there with anticipation of cough or discomfort that I almost felt obliged to choke for I looked professional.
At that instant I felt a blend of freedom, independence, femininity and brash! I doubt it was me,being ”high” for I let a only one gulp of smoke to reach up my lungs.
I won’t ever say that I support smoking cigars but if they had lollipop-cigarettes I sure would have been an addict. It is not so much of the euphoria  in the chemicals I am a fan of but the simple act of smoking!
In conclusion I want to thank google for the enlightenment and wiki for avoiding my cyanotic leap of death. I vote for ”lolligars”!


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