10 Candid Emotions of A Saturday

Posted: March 29, 2014 in Uncategorized
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1. I am feeling my belly fat is squashing my confidence.

2. I am afraid my soulmate doesn’t exist and being a slut and sleeping around with guys would be a success story for my psychisexual development.

3. I am never going to have the writing career I always wanted primarily for the lack of talent on my part. I really aint that good.

4. I am not going to the US yo take the USMLE. Thus, goodbye Madison square!

5. I am afraid of being what I always fear life to be; redundant and blunt.

6. I don’t think I will ever have financial security which means no frivolous spending on vacation to Croatia and Tuscany!

7. Twenty six is old and nearer to thirty.

8.My girlfriends are boring and you have no idea how many times I erased those lines because it just doesn’t feel right. But it isnt like they are reading my blog and I still love you gals!

9. I listened to ‘Edge of Desire’ by John Mayer today and I almost cried. TORTURED!!!! Ohhh words how I love to indulge in your magnitude of emotions.

10. Accomodating the emotions and needs of others has left me bare and vulnerable to change.


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