A letter to my vagina

Posted: March 25, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Dear vagina,

I have forever respected your boundaries and allowed you to keep the barricades that ‘protected’ you from the ‘evil monster’ called sex. But I am over it. I actually believe you and I should redefine our treaty of sexual freedom. I agree that the availability of good penis is dwindling in recent times and that owning one doesnt make you adequate in bed. What I am suggesting is that we should redefine our expectations and break the barricades with unorthodox methods. And I know I got your interest with that; unorthodox!!! You have never been submissive to commonalities and do I worship you for that? The many years of our unruly methods of achieving orgasm is a proof for that. So I suggest we surgically remove the hymenal barriers and free ourselves from the baggages of thoughts surrounding virginity. These thoughts have haunted me. I’m worried that its going to hurt the first time and finding the gentleman who can manage the copulation inflicting the least possible pain has come to zero possobility. I dont know about you but I want to have the intimacy of sex because I want to grow out of the fear of losing control. I want to be vulnerable, sexy and intune to my needs.

So, Dear vagina….just trust me when I say I have your best interest at heart. Take a leap of faith and let go. We both knew that this day would come and since the emotional development of men our age hasn’t reached the level we anticipated, their incapacity shouldnt hinder us from achieving our full sexual desires. I don’t want you to remain in the neanderthalâ„¢ ages! As my good friend Tedy once said to me let’s domesticate you…my dear vagina!
Finally, you know I adore you right?

From your biggest fan


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