Eneye, yene enat (my mama)

Posted: March 20, 2014 in Uncategorized
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My mom is my VIP. I know everyone brags about their mothers and I think moms are the quintesential realm of GOD’s love amongst us. But my mom is my hero, my biggest fan, the biggest heart and a mouth full of tough love.

We all have a reason to wake up everyday and sometimes those reasons whatever they might be might fail to live your expectations like my ex boy\guy friend. But my mom has been the constant denominator for my existence since the day I remember. The first day atkindergarten wouldn’t   have been tolerble if my teachers hadnt kept telling me that she is going to pick me up from school. Boy and was I the mist embaressing child from the bunches of kids being thrown at the gates of the kindergarten??? I always cried as my mom hugged me good bye with her scent still lingering in my small arms clenching tightly at her cloth. She told me when I grew up that she prayed to GOD to make me love her less. But my love for my mom wasn’t something that was waiting for age to renew it. As I grew a year or two older, I stopped crying, and for every tear I held back there was a big chunk of love to exude when I got back from school.
Today I have grown out of the childish cries. I have found my reason to live and be happy for that is what she spent half of her life time achieving. I remember her face on my graduation day and it was worth all the pain med school had inflicted. I am always the little Girl wgo clinged on her close at nursery and that is how she looks at me everyday and in her arms is where all is safe,innocence is revived and I am unconditionally loved.
Eneye though words will never quench the unfathomable lengths your love has taken me, I just want the world to know you are my only treasure.
I love you without time and its boundaries and where you are the only truth.


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