A Wreck

Posted: January 12, 2014 in Uncategorized
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If a heart could break multiple times, I am a living proof it learns to beat back up! How i allowed you to..bring me down time and again is incredible!
I don’t want to admit that,I still harbor feelings for you. The nature of those feelings are yet to be explored though. I want to believe it is love but some believe it is the ”familliar” sense of belonging I have with you. It can’t be all there is between the two of us. For the most part of my adulthood, you were the hughlight of it. I adore you with your loose jeans and skinny stature. I have loved you when you were at your lowest.
I have done the worst thing anyone could ever do to someone they love dearly and no amount of of regrets can take back that day but I guess I have lost you over it and that will be my punishment.
I see you with  your family and i feel the thornes of regret killing me beat by beat. And your friends…still have you tied by their selfish notes. Steams of anger suffocate my lungs when you leave me time and again to just be with them. I am a Nobody; and that realisation is difficult to live with.
My new plan to get over you is to tell myself every morning the realities I endured; the hurt that stems from your actions and words. I need to leave you alone for my heart has surely left yours. I wish words echoed my pain  but none that I write ever seem to address the ache so I leave it a again…


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