Posted: November 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I am crying like I used to when you broke my heart.
I woke up today and my eyes are boggy looking as if I had a hard beating. Your indifference is what is nauseating me right now. I am constantly finding myself taking care of you and I hate it. I wish I could erase you and be all happy again but I just can’t.
You know looking back I realize I made it seem so easy for you to get me. You never had to swoon me, never had to buy me expensive dinners or gifts; I never made it hard for you to be with me. I did it all because we didn’t need that and I didn’t want to be just one of the girls who played hard to get and mostly i thought you didn’t deserve that. Well you did! I see the way you are acting these days and I wish I had it in me to be that girl. And I give kudos to the girl that played hard to get because No man or boy is worth the easy way. And I mean that in a good way.
You broke me apart and all because I thought we were worth it. But you can’t see that now and I don’t think you ever will since you were never in my shoes and never had this heartache. 💔
I don’t know when it will hurt less.


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