Goodbye love

Posted: November 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I hate goodbyes. The pain of loving you and hating you every second of every day is killing me. I know i walk and talk as if the earth doesn’t shake on my side of the ground but I am wounded.
The truth hits me hard every day as I wake up to pray. I kneel before The Virgin Mary and pray that I have the strength to stand strong and to forgive you without letting myself fall back in your pit. I pray that I love you enough to not be misguided with hatred. But i find myself again and again lying naked next to you, staring at the ceiling praying for forgiveness.
I hate goodbyes and with each passing day, I realize with every inch of my body the inevitable truth; we are broken beyond repair. And these long hesitations to end what was already finished was our way of taking care of the pain and remembering ONLY the good times. But it hurts for a reason and the band aid is just an aid; there will still be a scar and the memory remains. It was all for good…right???

  1. Kalkidan Girma says:

    Oh i loved the band aid bit…loved loved loved!!! woman you are endowed with talent.

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