Daily prompt: We can be thought

Posted: June 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

It is funny how considering the very challenging year i had that i had to sit to ponder to write this. i guess i have never been the kind to learn fast. But just yesterday while working in the Emergency department a body of a 24 years old was brought for a postmortem exam. one of the nurses doing the postmortem care was crying because she knew the man. Everyone in the room was sad for he was a youngster and its always sad to see someone your age die rather than someone who has lived his grandchild.

Later i heard the circumstances of his death from a close friend of mine who knew the deceased as a client of his. The deceased , can we call him 7? so 7 had a car accident when a friend of his crashed him accidentally from the back with the excavator he was riding. initially everyone thought it was a minor injury and didn’t consider he would die for there was no external bleeding. And by the time they have decided to bring the him to the emergency room he had already passed away. The sad thing for me was the fact that the driver of the engine was his close friend who invited 7 for lunch and he ended up killing him. 

I tried to imagine what the driver must be going through but i couldn’t even try. All i could do was say a little prayer for him. i still get the shivers when i think of it an believe me its moments like this that i question my faith but it is also moments like this that i confide in GOD to give me wisdom to not question his intentions. 

We all walk around this earth with requirements to fulfill never realizing that we don’t have so much control over this world or the circumstances we encounter. I wish we didn’t have to see so any horrors in this life to understand our petty existence. so the next i get angry for trivial things like the lights being out, the sucky lunch our servant makes, the 400 bucks i lost…i hope i let go easily because this IS NOT worse! And believe me it can get worse….


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