Love sick

Posted: April 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

That is what I am. Trying to instill z big notion of love I thought was a reality. Seriously I wish Nicholas Sparks wrote some book with love failing for once because I think that is reality. Believe it ot not, love too is not perfect.(NOT U GOD!)
In my endeavours to understand men I had read Steve Harvey’s “think like a man, Act like a lady”. I have to say that there were parts of z book I didnt comprehend to the level I wanted to but for the most part I actually get what he is saying.
Men are indeed shallow and their brains dont function on compromise. Compromise can only come when they have set their “who I am, what I am, how much I make” part. But it made sense. My boyfriend of 2years hasnt reached to knowing any of those things. I realized that it was unrealistic of me to ask him for anything concerning our relationship and where its going because he has yet to understand his place as a man. And he was going through some work issues recently and he said “i should have a life plan”. Who would have thought those words could make me happy??But sadly those words were out in what now seems like self pity.
So it’s now my decision to wait for him to grow up or leave giving him a space to grow up. With each passing day it scares me because my needs get tossed in the trash&i yell&spout unyielding…the cycle goes on and on&now when I look at us all I see is a bitter me&him resenting me. What happened to us???


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