Posted: January 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Its sad to think that this might be it for us. I am on z last brink of hope that us is really meant to last. I dont know why you cant see what I see and I dont get what I am missing that everyone of ur friends can see! One day hopefully soon, im gonna get my heart to listen to my head which is telling me that you don’t love me anymore! It breaks my heart each time your lips part and you utter selfish and insensitive words. I am afraid of what I see when I see you these days…its hard to admit it but you have grown out of love with me!
I can’t think of you and not cry…
You were the home I felt welcomed to but not anymore. I have seen and heard you talk to me…it sounds like you figured I ain’t worth fighting for.
You have broken all the strings, all the bones that made us a we! It’s a wonder why you are still here considering what you think of me! I should just give up like you and leave instead of hearing you say “I used to love you”.
Chills run through me just thinking of what this means….life seems smaller and bleak! So this is my last of lost hopes…to forgive me for leaving you.


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