Reality bites!

Posted: November 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

The day I have dreaded for long has finally come! I am going to be a GP(general practiotioner) at Mekane selam hospital. After many changes pertaining to destinations or even the primal questions over leaving it all to seek my happiest self…i am now in Dessie. Mekane selam is about 180kms from Dessie! Yeah that srems really like a “Addis to Nazreth” kind of journey but not when u travel in those automated donkeys called cacciamali! Do you guys remember when those things hit for the first time the “abata gorbata” of Ethiopian highlands? It was as if a new Boeing had landed! But who knew they would end up being “Anbessa siyarej…”! So I am gonna sail(travel seems a faster word somehow) with the “3rd class public transport”; which has 20km/hr written all over it!
I cant believe I am doing this but its about the degree. The degree I rightfully own but somehow the government is holding as a ransom to get my now tarnished brain power!
Those who know how much I hate the medical school sysytem have suggested that I was bitter and a traitor. Every since A.Lincoln made that speech about the “ask not what your country…” people have made it a Universal truth! Its one of those ‘sound cute,truthful& everlasting’ but in essence is just same old crap underneath. It’s like saying “I wana make love to you” instead of “i wana fu** you”! Abraham Lincoln was an American, the president of the land where anything is possible; the dreamland! So don’t tell me it applies to me too. Because I’m going to ask for better pay&more freedom!!! But we all know some questions are better left an un-asked…for they bring no answer except heartache!
‘chuheten atkemugne!’


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