Posted: November 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

These days I can’t sleep at night. I have nightmares or they seem more like daydreaming. They always seem to involve some famous person doing an increidbly weird act. The other day I dreamt the late PM re enacting the “Hawzen” masaccare in a play that was prepared to commemorate the heroes. The other weird part was that he was crying in a very realistic down-on-his-knees way& he was even holding a cross! I dont even know what to make out of that. Dreams are supposed to mean something; I guess mine is just awfully far from being a dream.
But wouldnt it have been awesome if dreams were part of your homeostasis? If your dreams actually were part of your existence, like breathing&heartbeats…if to get what u want u literraly only needed to dream of it??
I guess this planet doesn’t like literal meanings or simple existence for that matter…
I’m gonna go ahead now…dream of somethings that I don’t think  this planet is ever gonna serve…join me!


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