Hugs wanted!

Posted: October 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Everybody can hug!! So I am not asking for arms wrapped around me kind of hug. I am looking for that hug that embraces your body,tears you apart but tapes you into whole! I need his scent to rest inside my lungs&surf through my nerve endings! I want him to be my escape from the brutual fights of everyday life. I want to sink in his body,melt in his warmth and rush in his blood stream. I want him to sync in with my needs and hold me back closer and closer until our bodies become one! I want him to miss my hug everytime he gets a mediocre hug,everytime he has a bad day at work,everytime he seeks comfort…i want him to miss my hug like his favourite icecream and I want him to know I taste better!
As for me I need your hug like a pacemaker to a heart,like a bow to an arrow, like a melody to a song, like a cheese to a maccoroni! I need your hug more and more every single day,every single hour and with every fleeting second and I didnt think it was possible but it is. It is possible that a simple gesture  like a hug could speak millions and travel miles! And it is rare… as rare as a truth and as unique as a fingerprint!
I hope you come to needing my hug as bad as I do…
Dont make me wait for long…


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