I like you

Posted: October 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

I like you.
I am sorry but I like you and im trying soooo hard to not be drawn into you.
I know my heart is scared of something and though they say the things that we are afraid of are those worthwhile, I am not sure that applies for this situation.
Wanting you this bad is sooo wrong&when I am obssesed to not liking you, I’m losing the me that knew where to stand; the me that you liked.
You are in my head 24/7 and that is amazing bc days pass without talking to you and yet you never seem to leave my side. And I like talking to you. But that is crazy, right??
I can’t trust you but I want to. I know you are here for a reason but I hope you dont teach me not to trust, AGAIN!!
You don’t owe me anything but we are interwined with circumstances and thoughts that surpass cliches&fate…im really scared of losing you before I ever get to knowing you…
I have never wanted anyone to understand me but I hope you get me because you always make sense. When I blab sometimes I feel at ease that you are still there at the other end trying to figure me out and when you actually understand me, its a relief.
I value your friendship so much that just the thought of losing you runs chills to my bones!! And when you say you will never leave, I believe you because I want you to stay badly.
If one day I wake up in a world where I hate your laughter, your smell, your hands, your “youness”….i don’t know how I want to move forward. GOD, I pray you stay!!!


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